I am Paolo and she’s Ulla. Italo-Estonian couple who met elsewhere and who give very little importance to nationality and countries. Or better, we love geography, travelling, we have lived in several places, and we kind of believe in stereotypes…Yes…or no?

As I like to say: I was born in Italy, but it is not my fault or achievement, it was my mother decision.

At the same time we love cultures and differences, and the power we all have to understand one another. No space for haters and racists, misoginists here. Get your life straight and love.

We like to travel and discover, push, the boundaries of our freedom, to see where it will take us.

This year I have decided to “Go Nomad”.

It is not the first time we do it, but each time we aim a bit higher. This time we have crossed all Eastern Europe from Estonia until France so far, which was our destination so it feels kind of weird now, mainly because we have embraced a “nomads” kind of living.

We are now keeping travelling with our bikes, moving from project to project, volunteering and trying live a Eco and sustainable life.

You can contact us and follow our adventures at:


and on instagram @goatspeedcycledreams

Feel free to get in touch at any time

Paolo & Ulla

Goatspeed cycle dreams

May the road be long and adventurous

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You can now help us raising money to keep travelling at:

me, in summer
Ulla, in winter
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